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1. The salesmen of Shanghai Sansheng Company can offer the door-to-door service on their own initiative after preliminary mastery of the project. They can introduce the requirements of elevator configuration according to the national standards or standards related to elevator equipment, recommend the suitable products and provide the corresponding sales information and the plan of manufacture and installation, and can receive the consultation of customers free of charge at any time. Inquire.

2. Our technicians can cooperate with the design units of the project on their own initiative under the instructions of the clients to complete the coordination work of the civil engineering drawing design, so as to reduce the difficulty of the owner's independent participation in technical communication and coordination.

3. We will provide the key dimensions of elevator shaft layout in advance, such as the depth of the bottom pit and the height of the top floor, and provide the most economical shaft space size, as far as possible to improve the effective use of the building area and the freedom of design work. In the case of clear specifications of civil and elevator, we will provide the design drawings related to elevator civil design in the shortest possible time to ensure the smooth progress of future construction work.

4. We can also provide free traffic flow analysis for complex projects which are difficult to design, and provide the owner's best technical solutions according to our previous successful project experience, including elevator specification determination and operation section scheme.

5. If users have special requirements for elevator decoration, we can make elevator decoration effect drawings free of charge according to users'requirements, and provide users with choices until users are satisfied.

6. if the user requests to visit the manufacturing plant or inspect the model elevator, we will send someone to give it a hand.