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Shanghai quality supervision bureau investigates Huangpu District old elevator transformation pilot project
發布者: 發布時間:2018/4/4 14:37:04 閱讀:

Recently, Zhu Ming and Wang Xinqiang, deputy directors of the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision, went to Huangpu District Bureau of Quality Supervision to investigate the old elevator reconstruction pilot work. Huangpu District, as the central urban area, the residential elevator construction time is early, the old proportion is high, become a source of risk for the safe operation of special equipment, for this reason, the Huangpu District government agreed to formulate the Huangpu District old elevator transformation subsidy measures, plans to use more than 15 years old hundreds of elevators to carry out transformation, this year has been completed. As for the safety renovation of 8 old elevators, the rest of the elevators will be progressively promoted according to the plan.

Zhu Ming listened to the relevant reports of the Huangpu District Quality Supervision Bureau to promote the work, and inspected the old elevator site situation on the spot. He fully affirmed the promotion of the old elevator renovation work in Huangpu District, and asked the Huangpu District Quality Supervision Bureau to further implement the main responsibility of enterprise safety, give full play to all social forces in the old elevator renovation. Effective exploration should be carried out to provide Shanghai with more and better experience in safety supervision of old elevators.

City Quality Supervision Bureau special department personnel accompanying research.