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Xujiahui station elevator transformation to meet the first peak passengers questioned "9 to 1" escalator direction is not reasonable.
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According to the Evening News, the temporary closure of three escalators and the installation of a barrier-free elevator project at Xujiahui Rail Transit Station for 65 days ushered in the morning peak of the first working day. The reporter's field experience found that the route of Line 1 to Line 9 remained unchanged, but the route of Line 9 to Line 1 needed to travel 3-4 minutes longer and was automatic. The passenger flow at the escalator is prone to "hedging". Although the closure of the escalator has entered the third day, but there are still many passengers do not know, some line 9 passengers see the original transfer corridor was blocked by the barrier, do not know how to transfer to line 1, staff on-site guidance to find the transfer direction.


Passengers do not know what to do to change the door.

This morning, the reporter took Line 1 to transfer to Line 9 at Xujiahui Station. As the station is a major transfer station for Lines 1, 9 and 11, there are more passengers in the morning rush hour. Reporters on the scene to see, in the transfer corridor, the original three escalators have been all closed by the white isolation board, here is the original line 1 and line 9 two-way transfer channel, but during the transformation, only line 1 transfer line 9, the isolation board added transfer guide arrow, compared with the original, transfer channel It has narrowed by about half.

The three escalators leading to the transfer Hall of Line 1 have been semi-closed by rolling shutter doors, and the construction workers are working. The original passage to Line 1 of Line 9 has been blocked by stainless steel barriers, allowing many passengers to eat "closed door soup". This morning, a lot of passengers in Line 9 Hall asked the station staff. Station staff told reporters that during the construction period, Line 1 and Line 9 temporarily adopted one-way counter-clockwise transfer measures, but many passengers do not know, so the number of passengers asked today is particularly large.

A train on Line 1 arrives at the station and a dial of passengers rushes through the passage to Line 9. Passengers who could have taken the escalator must all walk up the pedestrian stairs. The speed of passage is slower than before. Although the temporary provisions, the corridor can only "1 for 9" one-way walk, but there are still some "9 for 1" passengers "reverse walking" with "1 for 9" passengers to form a passenger flow "hedge". Staff members said that most passengers through the station staff guide, can pass according to the relevant provisions, but there are still a few passengers do not listen to dissuasion, forced from the passage inside the reverse walk, there are certain security risks.