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Shenzhen stipulates that every year the elevator can buy insurance for 80 yuan, or 1 million.
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Shenzhen promulgated a plan to invest 80 yuan a year to compensate 1 million will build a credit supervision system to strengthen social supervision of elevator safety

Yesterday morning, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision held a mobilization and deployment meeting on the reform of elevator safety supervision mode in Shenzhen, to further explain the "Shenzhen Elevator Safety Supervision Mode Reform Implementation Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). Clear primary responsibility, the introduction of insurance mechanisms, the establishment of credit supervision system, old elevator launch mechanism... Many innovative systems have triggered heated debate throughout the city.

Elevator safety needs Co Construction

Behind the frequent occurrence of "elevator scare", it is generally acknowledged that the causes are the quality shrinkage under the competition of factories for the market and the low cost of user maps; the inadequate maintenance under the blindly low maintenance prices of property companies; the lack of old "layoff" under the scrapped "national standard" of elevators; and the unclear responsibility for safety. Liao Yuanfei, deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, said at the meeting that the reform was aimed at forming a new pattern of multi-governance, namely, the implementation of corporate responsibility, effective market regulation, efficient government supervision, in-place supervision by all parties and timely social relief.

At the meeting, the city special trade association also issued a model elevator maintenance contract, hoping that members of the unit reference and promotion of use.