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Chongqing: old elevator renewal residents rest assured to go upstairs and downstairs
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Hongsheng Mansion has been built 14 years ago behind the Luzu Temple Flower Market in Yuzhong District. There are three elevators in the mansion. Because of the difficulty in raising maintenance funds and other reasons, it has been a constant problem for residents to go upstairs and downstairs. In January this year, with the help of the city's old elevator renovation, Hongsheng Building three elevators were replaced. The residents of the building went upstairs and downstairs to take the lift, and at last they were relieved.

Elevator update

The old man went upstairs and downstairs.

Hongsheng building is 36 stories high, with one to three floors for shops and more than 220 owners. Yesterday, the reporter came to the building to see, the building three new elevators are quite elegant, and has been yellowed around the wall in sharp contrast. Rising from the bottom floor to the 10th floor by elevator, no noise was heard, and the process of stopping and rising was very smooth.

"It took nearly $1.4 million to replace the three elevators, but everyone felt safe and affordable, and nobody said the money shouldn't have been spent." The 64-year-old grandmother, who lives on the 14th floor of the Hongsheng Tower, seldom goes out before the elevator is replaced. "Residents who live low are fine. The elevator used to have problems. If nobody was with me, I would not go out. Last February, the wire rope of the elevator went wrong. What would an old woman do if something happened?" Her mother-in-law told reporters that she was almost choking when she was at home. "Now, I don't have to worry about taking the elevator. I want to go out a few times and go out a few times."

There is a small dam outside the Hongsheng Building. Yesterday, the reporter went out of the building and saw three wives coming back to chat on the dam. Speaking of elevator renewal, the wives didn't nod their praises. "This is a big deal that the government has done for our common people!" An old woman told reporters.

897 elevators

Two years to complete renovation

Hongsheng Building was built in 1999, when Yuzhong District has not begun to levy a new commercial housing overhaul fund, so the owner of the building is only in check-in, each household to the property company 500 yuan maintenance fee, a total of about 110,000 yuan.

In 2007, because three elevators "pulled" the building carried out a maintenance of the elevator, spent 100,000 yuan, the result was that the maintenance fee collected at that time was completely used up. "Not only the elevator maintenance fees, other facilities also have maintenance fees, that money has long been seriously overdrawn, although the industry committee and property management have discussed the re-collection of maintenance fees, but many owners do not cooperate, so the cost was confiscated." Introduction of a resource management officer.

Last February, the building elevator serious security risks, one of the elevators due to broken wire strands forced to stop use, elevator renovation is imminent. At that time, when the city's old elevator renovation action started, through the streets, quality supervision and other departments actively coordinated assistance, Hongsheng Tower finally launched the three elevator renovation work. In January this year, the 3 elevators of the building were new.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision that as one of the key facts of people's livelihood, this year and next two years, Chongqing will be 897 "three no" old residential elevator renovation. Among them, 400 elevators with outstanding accident potential were renovated this year. As of November 17, 306 old residential elevators were renovated and renovated. The renovation of the remaining 94 old residential elevators is being accelerated to ensure the completion of the year.