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The first high-rise building in Shanghai can also generate electricity.
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Elevators can also generate electricity - Shanghai Center, the tallest building under construction in Shanghai, is China's first double-certified green super-high-rise building. Xia Lin, chief engineer of Tongji Institute of Architectural Design and Research, has revealed the "green secret" of the 632-meter high skyscraper.

Lighting up landscape lighting by wind power generation

Xia Lin said that there are many green measures in Shanghai Center, including no water toilet, electric car charging, etc., can be described as "meticulous, ubiquitous". Among them, "thermoelectricity, cooling and triple supply" is one of the key points.

Xia Lin explained that thermal power plants waste a lot of steam and hot water in vain, and the energy utilization rate is usually less than 40%. The "combined heat, power and cooling" in Shanghai Center uses natural gas as fuel, with two 1.06 MW gas generating units, and then introduces the waste heat generated by power generation into the waste heat boiler and the waste heat absorption chiller and hot water unit, which is large. Building heating and cooling, thereby increasing the comprehensive utilization rate of energy to more than 80%.

In addition to natural gas power generation, the Shanghai center also introduced other green power generation technologies.

Wind power facilities are installed on the top floor of Shanghai center. Taking advantage of high-altitude wind power, a total of 54 vertical-axis turbines are installed at 565-569 meters, providing 157,500 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, "which is small for the building's total electricity consumption, but enough for the landscape lighting at the top of the building."

It is a new term for ordinary people to generate electricity by elevators, and elevators in Shanghai can do that. "The elevator in Shanghai center adopts renewable energy feedback control technology." Charlin explained that this is a technology that converts gravitational potential energy into electrical energy when the elevator goes down, and the quality of the energy is high. Taking a 200-meter-high commercial office building with 38 elevators and six escalators in Shanghai as an example, he compared the actual power consumption and regenerative feeding capacity of the elevators in one day and found that the energy-saving rate reached 25%-31%, and 2065 kWh per day could be generated.

There are atrium in all six offices.

Tongji Architectural Design and Research Institute has been working hard on the goal of green sustainability since it laid the first pile in Shanghai Center.

Shanghai Center is located in Lujiazui Financial Planning Zone, because it is located in a mature urban area, making good use of existing infrastructure, and maximizing the role of urban facilities, has become an important part of design and construction.

Taking the excavation of foundation pit as an example, after the construction of 955 piles with a diameter of 1 m and a length of 87 m in the main building and 66 diaphragm walls with a width of 1.2 m and a depth of 50 m, the construction personnel will carry out excavation of the foundation pit of 5 storeys and a depth of 31.3 m in the ring diaphragm wall with an inner diameter of 121 m and an area of nearly 35000 square meters, and transfer of soil into the main building. How to control soil erosion, drainage, muddy water deposition and floating dust generation is a big problem. "But it is gratifying that these problems have been properly resolved, during the construction period, did not receive a complaint." Project Manager Chen Jiliang said.

In addition, the Shanghai Center has reserved rail and ground bus access ports in the design, so that the bus can drive to and from the building; collect rainwater discharged from upstairs and increase ground permeability to drain rainwater as far as possible; collect and filter wastewater from hotel laundry and shower separately for watering flowers, etc. Clean; to avoid the roof heat island effect, at least 75% of the roof solar reflectance index is equal to or greater than the prescribed value, at least 50% of the roof is green planting roof; there are six separate office areas, each area has a common atrium, not only to see the beautiful scenery, but also to introduce sunlight.